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Sedona Report


Key People in the Organization

The following people are listed as corporate officers in Arizona legal papers. Only the most trusted or useful of masters are listed as such. Also listed are other key people.

1.J Eun Shin
She is in charge of all of Ilchi Lee’s personal finances and matters. Key figure. She lives in 80 Rufous Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336, along with the whole of Ilchi Lee’s key, personal staff. Mostly women. Ilchi only trusts female assistants with whom he has had sexual relations with. Ilchi Lee’s ‘official’ accountant is Anthony Choi in Flagstaff, AZ. But his personal finances and business interests are dealt by this person. This is the key candidate for investigation.

2. J Han Lee
His eldest son. Joined his father a few years back and is now a key member of his close advisors. He gets paid $10,000 a month by BR Research Company, a personal, California corporation founded in CA. It should be easy to check. His son gets paid $10,000 a month while his masters gets paid $600 a month for 16 hour days and arduous labor without rest.

3. J Young Kong
One of his most loyal masters. Used to be sexually involved with Ilchi Lee more than 10 years ago. Many of the corporation owners are under her name. She owns Dahn Healing Institute of Massage Therapy, a NJ registered massage school. She has also adopted a girl from Korea named Jung Ah Cho. This girl, now 15 years old, goes to Sedona high school. Her parents are still alive and well in Korea. Ilchi Lee arranged this adoption because Jung Ah Cho supposedly had ESP powers and could see through walls and blindfolds. He wanted to use her in his publicity stunts for Brain Respiration. Jung Ah Cho lives in 80 Rufous Lane house. If you approach Jung Ah in school pretending that you want to do a story on her “ESP” like abilities and play on her vanity, she will probably admit that she was adopted our of convenience. J Young Kong, her supposed adopted parent, does not even live in 80 Rufous Lane house. She lives in an isolated ranch about 2.5 hours away in the middle of the desert in Arizona.

4. J Won Lee
Second son of Ilchi Lee. Ilchi Lee has two sons. He is still in college, although 26 years old. The college is Ursinus in Philadelphia. His eldest son went there also. This second son is also getting paid $5,000 a month by BR Research Company or BR Consulting Company, for doing nothing.

5. H Jung Kim
His head personal assistant/maid. She is in charge of Ilchi Lee’s household cleaning and cooking, as well as personal correspondence and delivery of instructions to various senior managers. Ilchi Lee is a micromanager, personally involved in all facets of decision making, although his name does not appear in corporate papers in Korea. She also lives with Ilchi Lee, along with other female assistants. These female assistants, who accompany Ilchi Lee wherever he goes, serve as maids and sexual partners. He has a separate sets in Korea and the USA. However, when he goes to NJ, he doesn’t bring any because his wife and younger son live there. Only his eldest son accompany him to NJ. H Jung Kim, along with D na Kimand Seung H Lee, live in Ilchi Lee’s personal residence in Sedona located in 815 West Chapel Drive.

6. J Sook Lee
His wife. She is the president of CGI Holistic Fitness. She lives in Alpine, NJ. She knows of Ilchi Lee’s sexual predation and other acts, but chooses to bear it all because of the material benefits of being married to him.

7. J Geun Han (spiritual name = Bupsungjang)
He is the head of the education team in Mago Garden, a 160 acre retreat center in Sedona vicinity. His spiritual name is Bupsungjang. Key, senior masters are given ‘spiritual names’ by Ilchi Lee when they are deemed worthy.

8. K Jin Park
He is the head of accounting and general affairs in Mago Garden. As such, he administers the accounting cover up with Dahnhak’s abuse of its non – profit organizations that it had set up: Tao Fellowship and Dahn Institute. He is only a junior master and takes instructions from J Eun Shin and H Nam Kim.

9. Q Tae Kim piritual name = Jinamjang)
Used to be one of the key advisors to Ilchi Lee. Used to be in charge of the Oneworld Travel Agency in Korea that pioneered Meditation Trips to Sedona from Korea that made so much money for Dahnhak in late 1990’s. He is currently in charge of International Graduate University for Peace in Korea. Check out the website list above. He used to be (in late 1980’s to early 1990’s) one of the key members of the Unification Church in LA region.

10. J Young Oh (spiritual name = Manijang)
Lives in Sedona. She is the long time Korean language ghost writer for most of Ilchi Lee’s books. She is the nominal president of Healing Society Publishing Company registered in Las Vegas.

11. H Rin Moon
Long time personal secretary for Ilchi Lee. She also lives in Sedona with J Young Oh and manages USA website contents and organization.

12. H Nam Kim (spiritual name = Ilshimjang)
Used to be in charge of Dahnhak US operations till 2004. Health issues forced her step down, but is still involved intimately in all details. She is in charge of all the accounting and legal issues. Therefore, she is in charge of all the illegalities that will be explained below. She works at the Mesa (near Phoenix) headquarters office.

13. J Hoon Lee
Long time in charge of all the immigration arrangements. Works in the head legal office located in Mesa. A search of that office and his computers will reveal all the relevant details of INS illegalities.

14. D Han Kim
He is the long time US chauffer of Ilchi Lee. In June, 2004, he suddenly went to Korea unbeknownst to anyone and attacked Tae Ik Yoon, the former head manager of Dahnhak in Korea, with a baseball bat at the latter’s place of business. Tae Ik Yoon was accused by members of Dahnhak Inner Circle of masterminding an internet café bulletin board that was critical of Dahnhak. D Han Kim was arrested but released within hours. Tae Ik Yoon refused to press charges, possibly fearing further attacks. An arrest record could be found in Korean Northern Seoul police precinct. D Han Kim sneaked back into the US after three months.

15. S Ok Koo (spiritual name = Keumhwajang)
She is the regional headmaster of Seattle and Texas regions. She is the biggest money earner for Dahn USA. She also sleeps with Ilchi Lee whenever they get together.

16. S Hee Kim (spiritual name = sunshimjang)
She is the regional headmaster of LA and San Francisco regions. She is the second biggest money earner for Dahn USA. She also sleeps with Ilchi Lee whenever Ilchi Lee goes to LA.

Illegal Issues

Immigration Abuses

There are about 140 centers and 250 masters (what Dahnhak initiates are called when they go through Masters’s training – this training is called SBM training). About 210 are from Korea. Some have come many years before, some only recently.

Most Korean masters come with a visitor’s visa, which gives them from 3~6 months legal stay in the USA. They are not allowed to work during this time, but they are assigned to work in a center as soon as they arrive. When they near the end of their legally allowed stay, they apply for an extension for another 3~6 months, which they are allowed to do according to INS regulations. Therefore, most masters work in the USA on a visitor’s visa for 6~12 months.

Those masters who are deemed to be valuable and meets the IRS criteria are sponsored for a L or H visa, which are visas that allow them to legally work in the US for a foreign – owned company. In order to facilitate this process, all their companies in the USA are registered as foreign owned. CGI Holistic Fitness, which is a luxury health club in Closter, NJ and originally owned by his wife, had its majority ownership transferred to Dahnhak, Inc. of Korea in order to make it a foreign owned subsidiary, allowing it to sponsor L or H visas for Korean masters. (You could check this through NJ State Gov.)

However, each company is given only a very few, predetermined number of work visas that it could sponsor. Therefore, all the masters who have gotten L or H visas are compelled to marry another master who cannot get a legal visa. As spouses of L or H visa holder, they can stay legally in the USA.

These false marriages are arranged and processed by the central legal office in Phoenix. They also coordinate the filing of INS forms afterwards. The masters are not personally involved when they marry – these are marriages of convenience for the purpose of obtaining legal stays with the USA for the staffing purpose of Dahnhak operations within the USA and Canada. The marriage partners do not live together. Many of them do not live in the same city or region, although they try to arrange masters from the same region to marry. They all live in commune – like apartments and houses. They do not consummate their marriages sexually. None of them have given birth to children. Out of probably 100+ marriages, it is telling that none of them have given birth to a child.

This is how it works. Prearranged partners will come together in the Mesa Headquarters office on a designated day and drive up to Las Vegas in a rental car. They will get married in a marriage chapel as cheaply as possible. Then they will give the marriage certificate to the Mesa legal office, where it is processed and submitted to the INS for processing.

Also, there are few Americans who are masters. Only the most trusted among them are approached for possible marriage proposals, since marrying a citizen is the quickest way to obtain a green card. Allow me to list a few cases:

1) Courtney Lloyd married D Jin Kim. Courtney is one of most visible American masters (her picture is on www.brainrespiraton.com English site) who is a personal secretary of Ilchi Lee. D Jin Kim is the manager of CGI Holistic Fitness in Closter, NJ. They didn’t even meet each other before they got married. In Spring 2004, they failed their 1st INS interview for green card. You can check these facts easily through INS’ Newark office. You could also interview D Jin Kim under the pretense of featuring CGI Holistic Fitness, also. Courtney lives in Sedona and Seoul, while D Jin Kim lives in NJ.

2) J Geun Han married E Jin Lim. J Geun Han is the head of the education team in Mago Garden. J Geun Han had the L visa first, then married E Jin Lim to give her legal status. J Geun Han also used to be notorious for asking American members and masters to marry him. They live in separate residences in Sedona.

3) J Eun Shin married D Han Kim. J Eun Shin is the L visa holder who married D Han Kim to give him status. They live in separate residences in Sedona.

4) Michael Egan married H Joo Shim to give her legal status. However, Michael Egan quit from Dahn and asked for an immediate divorce. Michael Egan would talk if you could get a hold of him. He still lives in East Coast. This marriage happened in NJ. H Joo Shim still works in the Bedford Dahn Center in Westchester.

5) S Hee Kim married D Chul Chang to give him status. S Hee Kim is the regional headmaster of LA and San Fransisco. D Chul Chang is in charge of the Las Vegas Dahn Center. He basically works for her. They live in separate cities.

6) J Seung Kim married M Hwa Yang to give her status. J Seung Kim used to be the head of management of Dahn USA operations but was demoted to regional headmaster of Atlanta and Florida regions. He lives in Atlanta while M Hwa Yang lives in Sedona.

7) Seung B Chun married S Seun Yang to give her status. Seung B Chun is the president of Dahn Center Association and S Seun Yang is a master working in LA. They married in NY. Seung B Chun’s letter to new members could be seen here:

8) M Ae Ko married Sh Jae Choi to give him status. They married in NJ. M Ae Ko is a green card holder. M Ae Ko lives in Mago Garden and Sh Jae Choi lives in a separate house in Sedona.

*This INS abuse is operated by H Nam Kim, J Hoon Lee, and Sh Jae Choi, under the direct knowledge of Ilchi Lee.

*This is just a small sample. There are so many other cases of these marriages. You could verify Courtney Lloyd and D Jin Kim’s case from Newark INS office.

*Get a list of people sponsored (for INS visas) by the list of Dahnhak related companies as above. Then track them down to see where they live with their nominal spouses and whether they have children. This will take INS cooperation, resources, and time. But you will definitely find an obvious pattern that will reveal a nationwide abuse of INS loopholes, all perpetrated by a cult organization led by an unethical head.

Affiliated Companies

Entity Owner Type

BR Consulting, Inc. Ilchi Lee S
Dahn Institute, Inc.   Non-Profit
BR USA, LLC BR Consulting LLC
BR NJ, LLC BR Consulting LLC
CGI, Inc. Dahn World Co. Ltd. /Journg Sook Lee C
Dahn Center, Inc. Dahn World Co. Ltd. C
Tao Fellowship   Non-Profit
Bell Rock Development Co. Dahn World Co. Ltd. C
Oasis Arabians, LLC   LLC
Healing Society Dahn World Co. Ltd. / Ilchi Lee S
Mago Earth, Inc. Joung Han Lee S
BR Academy Dahn Institute  
Elmhurst, Inc. Dahn World Co. Ltd. C
Sedona Vortex, LLC   LLC
Dahn World Co. Ltd. Korea Korean
Vortex, Inc. Dr. Lee S
Dahn Healing Institute of Massage Therapy Ji Young Kong C
Dahn World, Inc. Ji Young Kong C
Dahn Meditation, Inc. Bell Rock Development C

Tax Abuses

This is related to the INS abuses. According to INS regulations, the sponsoring company has to pay the sponsored employee a minimum of $3,000 a month in salaries. Therefore, Dahnhak and related companies nominally deposit $3,000 or more to their employees that they have this sponsored. However, then these employees are required to withdraw up to $2,400 in cash to give back to their regional accounting office. This cash is then used to pay the monthly salaries of other masters who are not legally allowed to work in the USA (because they are still on visitors or student visas). Check the deposit/withdrawal records of any L visa Dahn masters and you will see the above pattern. American masters, since they were not trusted enough, got paid $2,000 monthly without the required withdrawal into cash condition. Of course, paying the Korean masters only $600 without any health benefits is also illegal. They have recently given raises to placate them.

Further tax abuses entail using their nominally non – profit foundations to purchase expensive cars and houses for Ilchi Lee’s personal uses. The following is an example.

Tao Fellowship, a non – profit, religious organization that owns the 160 retreat center, purchased a ~$3 Million house in Sedona (the highest house in Sedona in terms of elevation) in Spring of 2004 for the exclusive use of Ilchi Lee. It also purchased expensive cars for the same purpose. Their annual financial statements should reveal all these purchases, although they will try to justify such purchases through some made up reasons. This violates the non – profit charter of Tao Fellowship, which should lead to revocation of its non – profit status.

They also have another non – profit organization called Dahn Institute, which nominally operates Mago Garden retreat center. They use Dahn Institute to also funnel expensive cars and items to Ilchi Lee.

Non – profit tax abuses are directed by H Nam Kim. K Jin Park, who lives and works inside Mago Garden, does the administrative work.

Moral Issues

Sexual Predation

Ilchi Lee, using his authority as a spiritual teacher and guide, induces his young and attractive female disciples to sleep with him. All his people in key administrative and watchdog posts are women who have had sexual relations with him. His personal assistants/maids also serve as his sexual partners. Many of the regional headmasters have slept with him. He uses sex as a tool for organizational coherence. Many sexual partners are in their twenties. He also regularly changes his personal assistants/maids makeup in order to have sex with the latest, pretty master who seem pliable and enamored enough of him to allow such abuses. Although the sex is not forced and no one is below 18 years old, such practices are certainly immoral. He is a habitual, sexual predator.

However, you won’t be able to prove this, either through documents or testimony. Even
the many women who have left the organization will not admit to their sexual relationships with Ilchi Lee because they have their new lives to lead and families to protect.

Profligate Life Style

Using his own name, his sons’ names, and his personal corporations (BR Consulting Company – NJ based, and BR Research Company – CA based), Ilchi Lee owns several luxurious houses, cars, horses, and boats. He leads a luxurious lifestyle while his masters are exhorted to give up their families, monies, and everything else to serve the cause. Also, keep in mind that the masters are being paid only a few hundred dollars a month.

Some of Ilchi Lee’s properties and their values are:


1) 80 Rufous Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336 (~$500,000)
2) 815 West Chapel Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 (~$5,000,000)
3) Highest House in Sedona – Address unknown ($3,000,000)
4) House in Palm Springs – Address Unknown ($1,000,000)
5) House in Alpine, NJ – where his wife lives ($2,500,000)
6) 13 Peppertree Lane, Palos Verdes, CA – in his eldest son’s name ($1,200,000)
7) Timeshares in Hilton and other luxury vacations condos (~$50,000)
8) Ranch in the middle of Arizona – Address Unknown (~$300,000)
9) Another house in Sedona in his eldest son’s name – Address Unknown (~$800,000)
10) Oasis Horse Ranch in Cottonwood, AZ (~$160,000) – bought several horses several thousands of dollars each
11) Luxury Cars and Boat

1) 2003 Lincoln Stretch Limousine(~$80,000) – bought from Krystal Limousine in CA through BR Research or BR Consulting – you could contact them to get the specifics of the
2) 2003 BMW 740iL (~$73,000) – used in Sedona and LA
3) 2004 Hummer 2 (~$54,000) – used in Sedona – bright yellow
4) Mercedes S500 ($~100,000) – used in NJ only when he visits about twice a year – garaged in his Alpine house – navy blue
5) 2003 Corvette (~$54,000) – garaged in his Sedona house and rarely used – bright yellow – bought through BR Research Company.
6) 32 Footer Yacht docked in Long Beach)(~$350,000) – used a few times annually.

All these properties can be found by querying records in NJ, CA, AZ, and NV under the names of S Heun Lee, his two sons, and BR Consulting Company, BR Research Company. Probably could get it done online through a PI company within a week. Could probably get even pictures of all the properties if have enough resources to hire a PI in West Coast.
Of course, we are not talking about Ilchi Lee’s Korean holdings here.

And if you query all the records of the properties owned/registered by the list of companies listed in the beginning, you will have a documented scope of all the Dahnhak USA wealth, without counting the actual 120 plus centers in operation now. All this from a supposed spiritual organization working for peaceful coexistence and prosperity for all.

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